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Are you a podcaster or YouTuber looking for content?  We've got a great story to tell about a women-owned small business that reinvented itself during COVID to become an virtual team building powerhouse. 

Maybe you're an event industry pro looking for anther revenue stream?  We want to tell the world about our awesome online team building games, and we're willing to pay you for that exposure.  Send customers our way and receive a referral fee.  It's that simple.  

As the world gets used to the next normal, companies are searching for ways to keep their remote and hybrid employees engaged.  Virtual team building games are part of the online ecosystem now, and we are excited to bring the fun and friendly competition of poker to company parties.  Our games are played on our private poker website.  Players battle for office bragging rights against their coworkers from around the corner or around the world.

Our live dealers set the whole experience apart.  They act as poker ambassadors and make sure that no one is left behind.  They narrate the game, prompt the action, and tell a few (mostly true) poker stories. 

We're working with podcasters, YouTubers, casino companies, event planners, and HR industry professionals to spread the word about our virtual team building poker games.  We hope that you will join us as a Poker Partner. 

How it works

Players enter the video call and are met by their Tournament Director, who assists them in creating an account on our play money poker website.  Separate breakout rooms for each table allow players to see each other in real time.  Live dealers are there every step of the way.

As the game progresses and tables consolidate, new social dynamics develop.  From the lessons table to the Final Table, our amazing dealers are there to curate the experience.

make the partnership work for you

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    Simple Introduction

    If you don't want to dedicate any time towards promoting virtual games, that's okay.  When you have an inquiry, simply connect us to that potential client via email or phone, and our sales team will take it from there. 

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    Add a link to your site

    If you want to be more involved, add a link from your site to ours.  Each link is unique so we know it came from you and it will show on your Affiliate Dashboard in real time. 

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    Put virtual on the menu

    You may also choose to feature virtual poker along with your in-person events.  Add virtual options to your mailing list, social media, and other promotions to generate more inquiries. 

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    Be the Event Planner

    If you prefer, you may keep your customer entirely in-house and handle the contact, billing, and event planning duties yourself.  Our Event Managers will partner with you to set up everything behind the scenes.  You can also join us as a host on game day while we execute your plan. 

Our job is to make your job easier

We're here to support your efforts.  Our Poker Partners receive unbranded images and videos, their own URL links, and direct support from our sales team.


Fill out the form and a member of our affiliate team will reach out to you.

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