Online Charity Poker


The Department of Justice is well aware that some organizations are using play money poker sites and holding “suggested donation” events.  Those games are 100% illegal and there are consequences.  A direct quote from our contact in the Charity Section of the Attorney General’s office was “It will be terrible to see some charities lose their exemption over this.”


Please don’t take chances.  The law is very specific and it is just not worth it.  Be patient.  Read more about our work to change the law and fill out the survey below.  Let’s make this legal together.


Under current California law, any nonprofit who wants to hold a poker fundraiser must get a permit, and the event must take place in person.  Over the past six weeks, The Poker People, along with a group of nearly 70 nonprofits, has been working to get an exemption that allows these very effective fundraisers to take place online.  We have made great progress and are excited to share where what we have accomplished and what is left to be done. 


Much of our work has been focused on the enforcement and advisory side of things. The Attorney General’s office and the Bureau of Gambling Control have a great deal of say when it comes to charity poker.  They are both now aware of our efforts and while they cannot officially endorse our proposal, they have let us know that they have no intention of opposing it.


Thanks to your emails, the governor’s office is also aware of our mission and is awaiting an official emergency authorization request to come from the legislature. 


That brings us to our next step… well, your next step really.  The legislature, and specifically the representatives in the districts where you work, are the best people to bring this to the governor.  To get them on board, we need data on how the important work you do affects their constituents. 


We have created a survey for you to fill out below that will help us coordinate this information.  Everything is completely private.  Round numbers are fine.


If you have questions, please let us know.  We want to help in any way that we can, so please reach out if you need us.