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Production Consulting

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You know your craft. We know ours. Whether you are filming a movie, researching a book or still in development, we can help you avoid costly mistakes. Our experienced consultants will review your material and make sure that you have what you need to sell the scene.

Script Supervision

Does your lead know how to shuffle? Need a poker dealer who can spot a cheat? Like any other profession, poker dealers and players have their own lingo and body language. We can be on set to make sure that everything is authentic.

Casting and Equipment Rentals

We have beautiful poker tables and we will take any excuse to show them off. (The dealers are pretty too.) We can help you source everything from a poker chip to a full casino.

Make Us Part of the Story

We have been featured in many reality shows. From small productions to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, if your story line involves gambling, we might just be your best bet.

From basic casino procedures to (mostly) true stories of fortune and fame, let us guide you through the world of the gambler.

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