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Custom Upgrades

custom poker dealer buttons at a charity fundraiser

Custom Dealer Buttons

These are the most popular branding item we offer. Made of glass and about the size of a hockey puck, the dealer button is on every table of the tournament. These are a great way to thank your sponsors and make a great keepsake.

Custom Poker Felts

Make a splash and put your sponsors name and logo right on the felt. Sell different sponsor levels and highlight your high rollers with their own Final Table felt. (Custom felts available with Premier Collection size tables only.)

poker chips and seat cards at a charity poker game
Poker Chip with Club Icon

Custom Seat Cards

Every poker player gets a seat card. It should have your logo on it. Full color postcards feature sponsor and charity logos on the front, game rules and seat assignments on the back.

poker bounty at a charity fundraiser


What better way to bring attention to Board Members or other players of note than to put a bounty on them? These fun medals add a splash of color and excitement.

Custom Playing Cards

We offer two types of cards. A simple give away deck that you can share with sponsors or a high quality deck that can be used during the game itself.

custom poker chips make a great prize

Custom Poker Chips and Case

Reward your winner or top sponsors with a custom set of poker chips. Each chip and the case can be branded for your event. FYI, we do not recommend custom poker chips for the entire event as it can be cost prohibitive.

We have tons of ways to get your name in front of the players. Coasters, giant poker chips, hats, and so much more.

Call for more information and options.

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