Convention Activities

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How Do You Make A Convention Fun?

Unconventional Convention Entertainment

After a long day of sessions your attendees need an opportunity to relax in a low-key social way.  Rather than send them off to the hotel bar or to fend for themselves in a new city, host a poker tournament.  Get those competitive juices flowing in a fun and friendly environment.  Meet new people.  Network.  Build friendships beyond business.  

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    Social Skills and Poker Skills

    All poker players are seated randomly in a tournament.  That means those social cliques are not in play and people get a chance to meet and mingle. 

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    The Business of Poker

    Poker and business overlap in so many ways.  Operating off incomplete information, making decisions in real-time, and managing a budget all come into play at the poker table. 

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    Structured but Flexible

    Need to find a simple social solution between sessions?  Want something to do after the welcome dinner?  Looking for a way to pit teams against each other for reward points?  We can structure our game to fit your needs.

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    Need to Include a virtual component?

    Not everyone can make it to the big annual convention but they shouldn't miss out.  Take advantage of our virtual offerings to add value and entertainment for those who can't make the trip.

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    Looking for a Hybrid Option?

    Let us host virtual poker games for your offices before the big convention.  These games build momentum and help those who can't attend still feel included.  Some companies even have the winners from each office battle it out for supremacy in person.  

Stay On Brand

Feature your logo on the poker felt, dealer button or cards.  We have several options to add consistency to the theme for your convention, brand activation, or roll out party.  Check out our full menu of custom items.

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What Our Clients Think...

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"We've done a lot of virtual corporate events (some good, some not so good...), and Poker People is the BEST to work with, hands down. From the planning process, to the actual event, they are professional, fun, and make everything a breeze. We've booked two tournaments with them so far and will be back for more!"

— Jessica Apfel Ruetz

"We recently hosted poker tournament as a social event for women entrepreneurs. Our founders and guests had a blast. They appreciated the opening lessons and had a great time playing and getting to know one another and our guests. The Poker People back of the house team made planning the event a breeze and the dealers were personable, professional, and great company. We will use the Poker People for future events."

— Tanea Foglia

"We have used The Poker People several times for company games and the experience was amazing. The dealers always make it fun, the platform is great, and the great customer service is refreshing.

We highly recommend The Poker People - they'll take good care of you."

— Matthew Jackson

"Had an amazing and seamless experience with The Poker People's team. Everything went smooth and communicating with them was easy and fast.

We had a virtual company charity poker game with 20 people, from beginning to end everyone enjoyed it. No hiccups and everyone we interacted with from their team was nice, friendly and very professional. I would definitely recommend them and we look forward to using their services and platform again in the near future."

— SAB Capital

"We did our second team virtual poker tournament with TPP and it's always a hit!  The dealers are really good teachers and move the game along quickly.  Most of our new players (never played before) make it through the end of the tournament and everyone is engaged and entertained.  We will booking with them again soon, the experienced players want to win their 'money' and their pride back, LOL!"

— Erika D.

"My company hired the Poker People to conduct a virtual poker event and we LOVED it! I got so many comments from my coworkers after this event about how much fun it was and how we should do it again next time! We have tried other types of virtual events, but this has BY FAR been the most fun! I strongly encourage you if you're looking for a fun virtual event for your coworkers - hire them! Whether your team loves poker or has never played, I promise you everyone will have a blast!"

— Nicole J.