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Team Building

Poker Chip with Club Icon

Office Bonding

Looking for a way to help your team bond without breaking the bank? How about a poker tournament in the office? Players are seated randomly so team members will interact with a different clique than usual. The chips are fake, but the competition is certainly real.

We Come to You

We provide everything you need to host a fantastic office poker party. Our dealers will give lessons to your team and make sure everyone is ready to go. Then we run a real tournament and see who claims the crown. No one calls in sick on poker day.

Executive Presentation

We have a full program that includes a guided presentation on how to play poker that is tailored to match your industry. Geared more towards the executive decision makers, the instruction is divided into sections, each with a live game playing component to reinforce their new-found skills.

Add Poker to your Convention

After a long day of seminars, give your attendees the chance to blow off steam with a poker tournament. You can brand the dealer buttons and even the poker tables to create product awareness across all the company divisions. It is social and fun, and cocktails are encouraged.

Give us a call to talk about how to maximize fun

within your space and budget.

We can tailor

your office party to meet your goals.

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