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Virtual Poker

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Team Building on our Custom-Built Site

Bring your team together anywhere in the world. Our unique online team building games are great for networking, employee rewards, onboarding and just keeping the office connected. Camaraderie doesn’t end because you are working remotely. Virtual team building games are hosted on our private platform. Nothing to download. Games start on your schedule and we even put your company logo right on the felt.

Keeping Remote Workers Connected

Better work on your poker face. Our games are hosted on our own private platform but we also pair the experience with video conferencing. Each table has its own breakout room where you can see your opponents in real time. Unlike other games, players can carry on a normal conversation while playing poker. Our live dealers will make sure the game still flows.

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Live Tournament Staff

Online team building with live dealers? That's right. Our dealers act as poker ambassadors to make sure no one gets left behind. Every table has it's own breakout room and its own professional dealer to guarantee that your guests have a positive experience. They won’t tell how to play your pocket Aces though. That’s your choice.

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Is Online Charity Poker Legal?

Online charity poker is illegal in most states. A lot of nonprofits are hosting games during the pandemic because they are desperate for donations and we don't blame them. As one of the largest charity poker providers we looked into hosting games for our clients but found out that while the site won't get in trouble, the nonprofit certainly can. We are happy to explain how to host your fundraiser online legally. It is not as easy as an in-person event but we can help.

Just because everyone’s working from different offices

doesn’t mean you have to leave your team behind at the end of the workday.

Bring everyone together for a social poker experience

on our private server

built just for this.

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