Virtual Poker

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Play on our Custom-Built Site

Camaraderie doesn’t end because you are working remotely. We created a private poker platform for you to host tournaments with your staff. Play from anywhere in the world for fun and bragging rights.

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Share Your Table and Your Screen

We will pair your game with video conferencing software to keep everyone connected. You will be able to see your table mates and figure out if they are bluffing. Better work on your poker face.

Jim FitzGerald on Virtual Poker

Live Tournament Staff

Just like in a live game, your table comes with a real dealer. They make sure that your guests have a positive experience and will help with any technical issues. They won’t tell how to play your pocket Aces though. That’s your choice.

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Online Charity Poker?

We are working hard behind the scenes to make online charity poker a reality. For more info about our progress or to join the fight, click below.

Just because everyone’s working from different offices

doesn’t mean you have to leave your team behind at the end of the workday.

Bring everyone together for a social poker experience

on our private server

built just for this.