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Poker 101

Need a brush up on strategy? Do you wonder what the Tournament Director does?  Or do you just want to know what beats what?  Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to take your game to the next level.   don't see what you need here?  Visit our YouTube channel for lots more. 

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What does a Tournament Director do?

Ever wonder who makes all the decisions during a poker tournament? That's the job of the Tournament Director.
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Poker Lessons

A One-Minute Poker Lesson on choosing the best starting cards.
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What Beats What? Poker Hand Rankings

A One-Minute Poker Lesson to teach you all about the different poker hands and their rankings.

get to know us

Every super hero needs an origin story.  Get to know The Poker People co-founders Pamela Laurie and Lara Gertzen through the magic of podcasts.  Meet our dealers and watch our amazing team in action.  We love what we do and it shows. 

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Order up! in-person events are back on the menu.

Our awesome team setting up for a charity fundraiser.
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Family Sh**t Show Podcast

Co-Founder and CEO of The Poker People, Lara Gertzen, joins host Mike Caulo to discuss women entrepreneurship, virtual team building, and the impact of women at the poker table.

Poker is Life

These days everyone has to have either a podcast or a blog.  We picked blog.  Enjoy these articles from Chip Stacks that will show you how to plan an online team building event or raise money for a good cause. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building

What is virtual team building? At its core, “virtual team building” or “online team building” has all the same goals as in-person team building.  They all mean getting together with […]
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Building Stronger Teams with Online Strategy Games

Incorporating the Power of Strategy Games into Your Team Building Plan Every company wants strong and capable employees who can communicate and work together seamlessly.  Just read your company’s Mission […]
African American woman looking at her laptop.

Building Stronger Teams with Virtual Board Games

Let The Games Begin! With today’s work-from-home culture, you may wonder how online board games can be used to boost team engagement. What is it about playing a virtual board […]
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Fun and Engaging Card Games for Building Stronger Teams

Dealing out the fun: Building camaraderie through card games Are you looking for team building card games to keep your employees connected?  Well dear reader, look no further.  Not only […]

Building Stronger Teams: Best Practices for Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building Keeps You in the Zone When it flows, you feel it. Your team is firing on all cylinders, communication is smooth, and everyone is in the zone.  […]

Virtual Team Building Games – The Complete Guide from A to Z

You’re In Charge – OMG! Virtual Team Building Games – The Complete Guide from A-Z will help you whether you’re looking for a group game, a poker game, or easy […]
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Get past NO, Collect $200

Five Ways For A Nonprofit To Raise More Money At A Poker Fundraiser
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Virtual Team Building Poker is as easy as Two Clicks!

Your quick and easy guide to getting started with your first virtual team building poker game.
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The Poker Player’s Guide to Mental Health

7 strategies to boosting your mental health so you can give yourself an advantage in the game of life and poker!